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The Two Faces Radio Network hosts a group of the most entertaining podcasts originating in Atlanta, and we’re rapidly expanding in listenership and new content.


All of our shows are of the highest audio and/or video quality, and most importantly, are content-driven. There are now thousands upon thousands of podcasts produced worldwide, but the shows that succeed are the ones that keep listeners craving the next episode. Our shows also succeed through creative use of social media in connecting with fans and potential listeners.


The Two Faces Radio Network is home to podcasts with various subject matter, but all with one thing in common: They strive to connect to listeners through casual conversation leading to spontaneous comedy, in-depth discussion, and innovative interaction with the listeners.


As of January 2018, our shows include "Radio Labyrinth", "Contractor's Corner with Reese Nazzaro", and our original flagship podcast "Two Faces Radio", which posts new and classic shows regularly, and they are always epic.


Two Faces Network podcasts yeild thousands of weekly hits and downloads.


New entertaining shows are currently in pre-production, and we will release them soon! STAY TUNED!


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