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TFR Network Sustainability


Revenue generated for the TFR Network is Advertising and Sponsorship-based.

These include Audio Ad Spots during our shows and also banner ads on our websites and social media platforms.


“Native Advertisements” for businesses within our show episodes are highly effective. This method seamlessly incorporates the ad spots within the content of the show, where the hosts talk about a business or product during the show,

without taking a traditional “Spot Break”. We also produce and incorporate traditional radio advertisements.





Business Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunities for our Shows


Why Advertise on TFR Network Shows?


1. We have a dedicated and daily growing underground following, and through social media and word-of-mouth, we have certainly created a buzz about our shows in the Metro Atlanta area and beyond. In fact, we have listeners around the world.


2. Our show episodes are available for listeners to instantly stream or download for FREE on any Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, and most modern vehicle interfaces. Listeners can also subscribe to our shows for free, and will automatically receive newly released shows when they are posted. This means the advertisements within our shows are delivered directly to listeners’ devices, with no possibility of being missed (unlike traditional radio advertising).


3. Our fans continue listening to every new episode posted for the same reasons that fans of nationally syndicated FM, AM or Satellite radio shows listen: They can count on us to keep them entertained on many levels; They become part of the inside jokes and unique vibe of the show; and just like with their favorite TV shows, they have to tune in to find out what happens next.


4. The ads themselves are a part of the show. Since they are typically live reads, there is no reason that listeners would tune out or fast-forward the ads.


5. The ads will always be there. Our recorded podcasts are always available on iTunes and the show websites for new listeners to stream or download. So in addition to the latest shows, a new listener can hear an ad attached to a show that debuted today, two weeks ago, or two years ago as listeners are welcome to stream or download any past episodes.




For Advertising Rates and more information,

Please contact us today!

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