We will produce, record, distribute, and promote your audio podcast.

If you enjoy talking with others about your business or interests, and can envision a growing listening audience to your own radio show, which will increase your exposure to new clients and fans, then we can make it easy to facilitate every step to make that happen, and keep it a success!


Why a podcast?

It’s no secret that podcasting is now the most popular way to listen to Talk Radio in a time when most people are listening to their favorite audio entertainment on

their phones, even when they’re in the car. For the TV world, recording shows on DVR’s or streaming shows is now the norm. In Radio, it’s Podcasting.

There is now a multitude of ways for people to easily and quickly stream or download podcasts through the use of innumerous podcasting apps, iTunes, or straight from a particular podcast’s website. Also, when listener’s click to

subscribe to a particular podcast, which is free, new podcast episodes will automatically show up in their playlists.

You can’t pause live “terrestrial” radio and pick up where you left off later. But with a podcast, you can!

Listening while you’re at the gym, on a flight, or in the office? Finish your workout, taxi to your gate, or have to answer a call before the end of the show? Stop it and pick it back up on your drive home. No content of the show will be missed.

The freedom in creating and producing a podcast is infinite. The length of a show can be 10 minutes or 3 hours, if your listeners will stick with you. We’ve found that an hour is a good length, but it’s personal preference.

The content and format of the show can also vary in many ways. It can be lengthy interviews with guests, short segments with different content, or just

talking with your co-hosts about current events or trends as it pertains to your business. They are also not FCC regulated, so say what you will.


What We Do

The podcasts we produce are of very high quality and stand out in their professionalism amongst most other independently produced podcasts. We are very proud of the great sound and magnetic energy of our shows. The thousands of subscribers to our shows agree.

Atlanta Podcast Productions provides you with:


1. A professional radio studio consisting of a console table and chairs with microphones for hosts and guests.


2. An audio engineer with a mixing board and recording equipment to capture the show on WAV files, which will then be mixed, edited, downloaded to your podcast’s website, and linked to an RSS feed in order for people to listen on iTunes and podcasting Apps.


3. Consistent promotion of new podcast episodes on Social Media, and the Two Faces Radio Network website and social media pages. Our goal is to create a buzz about your show geared toward the listeners and potential clients you would like to attract.


4. Consulting on how to attract more listeners, and how to optimize the overall quality of your show.


More details about this process and what more we can do for you can certainly be discussed in person, on the phone, or in further email inquiries.

Contact us! Let’s start a show!